November 29, 2020


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Benefits of a Property Management Company

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Property management is the overseeing of commercial, industrial, and/or residential real estate.  This includes detached houses, shopping centers, apartments, and condominium units.  The property management company manages property that is owned by someone else.  When using this type of company, there are a lot of benefits that they can offer.

Higher quality of tenants

No matter how much you screen possible tenants, there is always the chance you will get a bad one, and once they are in, it can be a hassle to evict them.  With a property management company, they will use a very thorough screening process to get reliable tenants that will pay rent on time, stay there longer, cause fewer problems, and put less wear and tear on the unit.  The property management company knows how to dig quickly for the real facts about potential rental applicants and what warning signs to look for.  They know how to avoid renting to bad tenants and any scams they might be running.  They will help you get the best tenants for your property.

Less time dealing with costly consuming legal problems

All it takes is one bad tenant to cause significant financial and legal headaches.  With a good property manager, they know the latest laws regarding landlords-tenants and can make sure that you do not leave yourself open to a potential lawsuit.  

Short vacancy cycles

A vacant piece of property, no matter if is an apartment or shopping mall, vacancies cause the business owner money.  The property manager can help show you the three critical tasks that can affect how long it will take to fill the vacancy.  They can show you how to improve and prepare the property to be rented such as cosmetic improvements.  They can also help to determine the best rate of rent so you are not charging too high or too low.  They will also market your property effectively.  They will know how to place the right ads, how to write them to get potential tenants to answer the ad.

The rent collection process is tighter

The way you handle collecting rent and late payments can be the difference between failure and success as a landlord.  The only way to maintain consistent cash flow is to collect rent on time every month.  Your tenants need to understand that you need the rent on a certain day and that it is not negotiable.  When hiring a property management company, they will act as a buffer between you and the tenant and they will be the one that has to listen to various excuses as to why they need an extension to pay their rent, chase down the rent, and even having to evict them.

Lower repair and maintenance costs

A good Oklahoma property management company will make sure that your tenants are happy with a good response to any maintenance or repair issues.  This is a very important part of being a landlord.  No one wants to rent a piece of property that is run down, has a lot of issues, and is not maintained.  When you hire a property management company you will be getting their in-house maintenance staff along with their network of bonded, insured, and licensed contractions to do any of the necessary repairs.  This can lead to savings on any repair issues and saving time looking for someone in the specialty that you need to repair.

Personal benefits

  • There is less stress on the owner by not having to deal with problems in the middle of the night emergencies, chasing down rent, evicting people, and less paperwork to do.
  • You will have more freedom to do things you want such as taking vacations, invest in more property, without having to worry about being in constant contact with your renters.  With a property management company, they can take care of your property even if you live in another state.


Hiring a property management company in Oklahoma offers you many benefits so if you have a property to rent, consider hiring one to help you manage your properties, find the right tenants, and deal with all the things involved in being a landlord, freeing up your time.  Property management companies are ideal if you live in another state from where your property is.