January 19, 2021


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List of Reasons to Relish a Yummy Cake

yummy cake

One sweet that is ruling the world, and winning hearts is a freshly baked cake. To enjoy this delicacy, we not only have a birthday or anniversary coming by. Let us explore a few today’s age celebrations that are relished over a fancy designer cake.

Housewarming Parties- What was earlier called as grah-pravesh has taken over the English version and is being with a gathering of close ones over a cake. People are seen going for tier cakes during such celebrations, keeping in mind the gathering.

Promotions- Well, no doubt this is the most valid reason to celebrate with friends and family and a luscious cake by our side. A party organised at home or in a restaurant is served with some promising cake flavours, like desserts.

Baby Showers- To have a bite of this sugar full creamy delight, we don’t think baby showers nowadays are excluded. There are tremendously beautiful cake designs for the same occasion.

Engagements- The first step of binding two different people in one relationship is engagement. Any such party is graced with a spectacular cake to cherish. And not engagements, but marriages too are graced with a cake cutting ceremony, under the influence of English culture.

Retirements/ Farewells- After serving a firm for Nth no. of years, or while we switch from one firm to another for our growth, often are bidden adieu with a cake-cutting ceremony. While retirements are treated as crossing a milestone, farewells often call for growth.

New Vehicle- After working so hard, we often treat yourself with a luxury of drive-in style and with the vehicle, comes a cake to celebrate. Many transport manufacturing companies organise a cake cutting ceremony, at the time you take the vehicle home.

First Job- Whenever someone in our friend or family gets his/her new job, either we greet them over a call or visits them straight with a cake in hand. And if you missed being part of first job news, then fret not. Go behind your friend and ask them to treat you with a party, and take a cake along with you.

Friendaversary- With the increasing craze of Tu Mera BFF, Mein Tera Bhai, youngsters are seen celebrating their friendship over a cake. Not just friends, newly married couples are seen celebrating every month anniversary.

Followers/ Subscribers- The unstoppable craze of social media platforms, has resulted in the rat race of followers and subscribers. And often when any influencer crosses the milestone of thousands or millions of followers, they celebrate it with designer fondant cakes.

So, yeah these are all the other occasions where cake-cutting ceremonies play a big role. And if you have any one of the above-mentioned occasions approaching, then go for online cake delivery in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, etc.