November 29, 2020


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Pro Tips to Have Healthy Landlord-Tenant Relationship

As a tenant, maintaining a healthy relationship with your landlord is very important. Many of us give little thought to it, but the fact is that the relationship you share with your house owner can directly impact your comfort and financial situation. By establishing a positive bond with your landlord, you’ll be able to get added benefits like reasonable rental rates and prompt response to maintenance requests.

How to Develop a Healthy Relationship with Your Landlord

The following are five ways to maintain a positive relationship with your house owner.

1. Timely Payment of Rent

Paying off rent in time is one of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy relationship with landlord. If your due date is missed due to late salary or monthly allowance, let your property owner know beforehand. Missing out on your rent will leave a bad impression upon the landlord. If you and your property holder constantly meet up in person every month, then it may not be convenient for both parties. Instead, consider paying off three to six installments for a comfortable deal. Or if you are constantly late for payments, then pay the next month’s rent alongside. Small deeds like these help to build up trust and strengthen relationships.

2. Keep Apartment Clean

One of the foremost duties as a tenant is to keep the property neat and clean. While doing up the decor is permissible for most owners, bad hygiene is not tolerable. So make it a duty to dispose of the garbage daily, scrub the kitchen countertops, sink, and bathroom every week, and keep the apartment well dusted. This will prevent germs and pests from infesting the home. The owner is bound to take notice and appreciate you for the same.  

3. Open Communication

One of the reasons why landlords and tenants have fallout is because of rude behavior and miscommunication. Hence it is important to keep communication open with your landlord. Do not avoid his calls even if you are late in paying off rent or fail to report in case of property damage. Always keep your owner in the loop and have a decent conversation. Both of you will certainly come to a common understanding with a free discussion.

4. Maintain Friendly Terms with Neighbors

As much as maintaining an amicable relationship with your flatmate or owner is important, sharing the same animosity with your neighbors is important. Even if you don’t go over the top to be friendly, maintain a courteous relationship. This will add to your benefit when you wish to extend your lease period.

5. Be Respectful with Demands

If you feel your apartment needs some fixtures, then request the house owner if he cares to renovate or propose to share the expenses. And unless it’s an emergency, do not keep calling him to meet your demands. If the damage is a minor one, then it is only reasonable to get it fixed personally. You may show him the bill receipt upon your next visit with the landlord and settle as much as you can.

These are some of the pro tips to have a healthy relationship with your landlord. Apart from these, a property in a proper location with basic amenities met will be a good choice. One such apartment property type is Sobha Daffodil. It will offer you the perfect lifestyle for you and your family. You may contact a trusted builder like NoBroker for getting the best deals.