December 2, 2020


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Why Every Brand Needs Innovative Packaging wholesale eyelash

wholesale eyelash

Many eyelash brands have millions of loyal customers who purchase the same brand repeatedly throughout their lifetime. They become familiar with quality. Therefore, they appreciate spotting their product down an aisle and then tossing it into their shopping cart. Monotonous, dull, and bland packaging never helps in increasing market share. Therefore, it is crucial to continually improve your packaging to retain loyal customers. As new players are entering the market, it is best to be at the packaging’s creative side for wholesale eyelash.

Industry Trends Wholesale Eyelash

The beauty industry stands among the most competitive industries. Therefore, the products with high claims and trendy packaging will fly off the shelves. The eyelashes presented by YouTube influencers cannot stay on the shelves for long. Even YouTube influencers prefer presenting the products which are attractive in every way. YouTube Makeup stars typically remark about how the custom eyelash boxes, either negatively or positively. Therefore, eyelash manufacturers can reap the benefits by packaging the eyelashes in such a manner that these become a treat when touched, opened, and experienced.

Can Innovative Packaging Drive the Sales Up?

Product quality and performance are crucial elements in selling a product. However, these are not enough. The quality and performance of the product go hand in hand with the packaging. Packaging that calls out loudly from the shelves in an appealing way grabs customers’ attention. A dizzying number of competitors strive for shelf space. However, the product that stands out as unique makes its way to the shopping cart. Design, colors, size, shape, and texture, each of these elements plays a crucial role in stimulating consumer interest in the wholesale eyelash.

Recognition vs. Innovation (wholesale eyelash)

Companies strive hard to build up brand recognition. However, the wrong variation in color scheme or packaging material quality can bring devastating consequences.  Minor changes highlighted boldly can draw the customers’ attention. These little changes can be communicated through bold messages splashed on the packaging. For example, highlighting “New Look” can grab the customers’ attention instantly. They come to know that the packaging has changed, but the product is as reliable as it was before. “New Easy-Open Packaging” of the custom eyelash boxes with logo can appeal the customers. They will instantly come to know that the practicality and functionality have improved, and now they will not have to struggle to unbox the wholesale eyelash. Other innovations may include tactile finishes for soft-touch coatings, embossing the product’s name to inspire engagement, or shifting to high gloss from an uncoated stock. Furthermore, changing the window size so that the customers can have a better view of the eyelashes or restructuring the box, i.e., going for a sleeve box for better visibility and greater dimension.

How to influence consumers’ purchasing habits through innovative packaging?

Product visibility holds the utmost importance. Higher visibility can only be achieved through uniqueness and great design. The customer will only be tempted to buy a product if he notices it. The packaging reflects the product’s quality. Graphically and structurally, poor packaging design can signify the lower quality of the product. Bland packaging can make the product seem old, obsolete, and boring. The packaging calls out to customers. With greater visibility and higher brand recognition, it must protect the product. A significant complaint seen in the product reviews is that the product arrived damaged or broken.

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